Entry #66

*cough* Been a while.

2012-10-30 20:18:31 by Gonzossm

Hello everyone.

Its been a while since I released animations on here or made a post. Just felt like my work and type of humor I enjoyed wouldnt fit in here. But now I just figure what the hell who cares, theres plenty of people who enjoy it.

I just uploaded Black Sunshine and its not racist. HAVE FUNS

Link to NG Black Sunshine

I get told a lot to get better with comedy, writing n etc but its easier said than done. Im just taking baby steps with it all n use parodies & dumb stuff like Black Sunshine to excercise all o that schet in hopes to be in the league of the greats with comedy.

C: speaking of parodies go check out my Youtube Channel for some more parodies. Theres a Dragon Ball Z one there and a collage of different games too!


*cough* Been a while.


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2012-10-30 20:21:58

Your shading seems like it takes for fucking ever!


2012-10-30 20:23:33

Indeed, tis been a while good Duke of Ssm!


2012-10-30 21:10:13

Nice! It has been a while!


2012-10-30 22:00:03

lol, looks great. :)


2012-10-30 23:39:50

I think you're potentially being a bit hard on yourself. Sometimes your animations have genuinely made me laugh quite a bit. I won't say it's all comedic GOLD, but you're kinda full of surprises. I do feel that you've made progression.

Just make sure you don't try too hard and drift off into full on random screaming bits. I won't ramble on it (at least not right now), but I'll just say that while they can be effective and tasteful when used cautiously, they're not something I feel you want to let yourself use as a writing crutch.


2012-10-31 00:41:16

Luv ya man,


2012-10-31 12:53:30

I really really really like how you coloured freeza. Especially the shoulders and the head.


2012-10-31 14:17:10

Hey Gonzossm
what happened to the game you been making?
the one that u kill zombies and build base???
im still waiting this like a year :/


2012-11-03 08:16:43

always new freeza was gay keep it up dude


2012-11-23 16:01:20

no fack uuu

Gonzossm responds:



2013-01-04 21:08:14

hi sam, my name is also sam and i'm mexican. way to steal my thunder


2013-01-05 13:22:26

the black sunshine flash was racist, but funny. i'll let you live.


2014-03-01 19:12:17

Meh your stuff used to be fun to watch but you have gotten way too gay and put too much rape in your flash's anymore to enjoy them.


2014-04-30 03:49:45

this is dragon ball zee 2 frieza"s bitch


2014-10-16 16:08:51

Lazy git post on here once in a while
I can't be assed with let's plays post your back catalogue at least


2016-01-13 20:32:35

Hey. I'm not expecting a response but I have a question.
I was playing Toss The Turtle and at the end of the run I was just doing I got something called
"+$1000 Lottery Ticket (1/1000 win chance)"
I've played the game countless times and I can't say that has ever popped up at any point for me.
What does it mean?