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*cough* Been a while.

2012-10-30 20:18:31 by Gonzossm

Hello everyone.

Its been a while since I released animations on here or made a post. Just felt like my work and type of humor I enjoyed wouldnt fit in here. But now I just figure what the hell who cares, theres plenty of people who enjoy it.

I just uploaded Black Sunshine and its not racist. HAVE FUNS

Link to NG Black Sunshine

I get told a lot to get better with comedy, writing n etc but its easier said than done. Im just taking baby steps with it all n use parodies & dumb stuff like Black Sunshine to excercise all o that schet in hopes to be in the league of the greats with comedy.

C: speaking of parodies go check out my Youtube Channel for some more parodies. Theres a Dragon Ball Z one there and a collage of different games too!


*cough* Been a while.

Black Sunshine

2012-07-28 19:12:26 by Gonzossm

Black Sunshine

Hello Newgrounds, I am looking for a musician to re-score my old animation Fatherly Bonds. I wanna re-upload it to my YouTube channel, but I need to replace the music on there to do that. So I'm looking for someone who can re-score all the music in the animation with tweaks to it.

I want it to keep the fast paced feel to it (its a fight animation), Itll need a Techno & Rock feel to it.

Heres the animation embeded.

Its about 3:00 long. Please send me a PM if your interested with examples of your work, and how much you'd charge for it.

Thanks! :)

Check it out on Newgrounds!

Or On Youtubes

I really Enjoy Tf2, good fun game. Hope you enjoy the animation! =)

TEAM FORTRESS 2 FAIL, Watch it its da sexy

MINECRAFT FAIL! Watch it n love it!

2012-04-12 18:20:44 by Gonzossm

Check it out here!
Newgrounds Link!

I dont think the ads are working, I always screw it up :U Always hated installing ads, and setting up the action script when releasing on Newgrounds. Wish there were an easier process for it all. Anyways ENJOY!

Whoo frontpage! :D

MINECRAFT FAIL! Watch it n love it!

DEADLY 30, Out now. =D

2012-03-30 13:36:12 by Gonzossm

Release Trailer!

LINK TO BUY!: http://www.deadly30.com/index.php

Not my personal preferred way of releasing a game. The Programmer & Publisher were impatient and wanted to release the game asap instead of waiting it out for the other services like Steam, Origin, Desura & etc to finish w.e it is they do to allow a game in there systems. (They take forever to discuss with :/) I wanted to build up more hype for the game *cries*

ANYWAYS, Buy the game! Help spread it around on the internets please! Heres some email addresses you can mail to!


Help us get the attention we need!


DEADLY 30, Out now. =D

I like

2012-02-14 18:09:35 by Gonzossm

My new icon


2012-01-23 19:55:56 by Gonzossm


Deadly 30
Its looking like Deadly 30 will most likely be hitting steam. "Hurray!" We just gotta add a few a things to it to make it not seem like a regular flash game. Woo hoo!

Me and my buddy Tom made a small short, It has dubstep in it.

Been doing a lot of small stuff on my YouTube channel. I dont like posting those small things on newgrounds. There not the best so id prolly get flack for them :P Neways thats all the news on that stuff.

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My New Repetitive Game! Also TOBUSCUS

2011-12-23 09:56:10 by Gonzossm

Deadly 30!

Deadly 30 is a sidescroller survival zombie shooter type game. Think a tower defence with exploration aspects to it. Its pretty cool. Its 100% done. Dont know when itll be released yet, but Ill post about it next week.
New Tobuscus Animation

Lmao. Me and Cody got this one done in a week was really awesome. Check it out Its funny and all the main animation is done by me :D
Check Out My Youtube Channel For A lot Of Other Goodies.
Facebook! I love to keep in contact with my aquired fanbase! =D

My New Repetitive Game! Also TOBUSCUS